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Issue 18 - 15th Nov - 28 Nov 2001Webuser Site !

Karl`s Driver Site

Featured on Reader`s Site Page ( Extract Below )

Article from Reader`s Websites Page

I found out that my Website was going to be included in this edition of Webuser after a newsgroup posting in the Lineone/Tiscali Newsgroups by Gareth Price.

"Congratulations Karl on getting your picture and website mentioned in Issue no. 18 of WEB USER" I was stunned as I did not expect to find out this way.

It turns out that Gareth is subscribed to the magazine and gets his magazine early.Two days before it hits the shops.

The next two days were frantic and I hardly managed to get any sleep as I was checking my website for anything at all, even spelling mistakes. The realisation that nearly 100,000 readers could soon be able to see my site was terrifying, yet exciting.

The emails started coming in and before I knew it the Tiscali Silver Surfers Forum was full of well-wishers and we had a good laugh as well as some funny banter.

I would like to say a big thankyou to all of them for their support and encouragement, especially Frogman.


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