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V Bulletin Update

by Karl Davis.


18/12/2001 Tiscali/Lineone changed from providing Newsgroups via the WebView and NNTP access (Using Newsreaders like Outlook Express , Gravity etc to a System called VBulletin.

Tiscali vBulletin forums are here :

You will need to log-in with your Tiscali user name and password, and then fill out a profile (the only required field is the Nickname, the rest is up to you) this will create your forum ID, from which you can post with.

This was welcomed by some but a lot of people who prefer to view them with Newsreaders were not facilitated as the system has not been designed to allow this.

So a new newsgroup was created called SilverSurfers i.e. uk.people.silversurfers

At first they found some hardly-used quiet newsgroups and asked the locals who post there if they would mind if they posted there at least until there new home was approved and created.

Some time before the changes took place, one of the groups known as Silver Surfers explored the possibility of creating the new group on usenet and the new group has been added and the first posts made on Sunday 3rd February 2002.

These forums have become a vibrant place from where they are able to now post to each other as before on the old Tiscali/Lineone forums.

They have a Silver Surfers website Here

I used to post in both types of forums until this happened.

Newsgroups that are being used by a lot of Tiscali silver surfers and others.

- silver surfers uk.people.silversurfers
alt.pcnews - pc help alt.happy.valley - happy hour

The SilverSurfers website can be visited Here

Check your current newsgroup server to see if you can get them as a warm welcome is assured or sign up with Google. Go to
When that loads type e.g. uk.people.silversurfers in the search.
You need to be a member to post, but membership is instant.

Here is a list gathered so far of newservers that carry read and post access to these groups :

FreeUK , Tiscali/L1/WOL , CIS.DFN , Ntlworld
Btinternet , Btconnect , Btopenworld, and Blueyonder.

If you cannot get them from your current server you can sign up for free at

Click the english section to register and you will be told to send an email with:

Your full name (first and last name)
Your e-mail address to :

An email will be sent to you confirming your account name and password.


Copyright © 2001-2004 © Copyright Karl Davis.

No part of this site may be reproduced in any format.All documents author acknowledged are copyright retained by the author.

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