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What is a BABT code ?

by Bill Rowland.

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Question: What is a BABT code?

Answer: It's a lot like the FCC ID code, only longer and sometimes shorter. In the United Kingdom (UK) there is BABT
(British Approvals Board for Telecommunications) code for all electronic devices registered for use in the UK.

If you have a BABT code for a device then go here

Enter the information you have and you'll be presented with information relating to the code you entered. Keep in mind that
this is mostly limited to Modems and Terminals certified for use in the UK.


Again this is and "on the fly" FAQ message. While there will be few instances of requests for drivers for Modem and
Terminals devices, from UK residents. It still provides an alternative means of locating a manufacturer, and in this world
any means to ID a mfg. is always welcome.


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