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Modem Connection Speed

by Mike Nagel


115,200 is the speed that your pc is connecting to the modem. If you want the true 'Initial Connection Speed' to be shown go into Control Panel and open the Modems folder. Make sure your modem is highlighted and click Properties. Click the 'Connection' tab and then Advanced.

You should now be in the 'Advanced Connection Settings' dialogue box. In the 'Extra settings box type "W2" without the inverted comma's and then OK your way out.

Now when you hover over the two computers icon you should get the Initial Connection Speed.

(I can't remember if you need to disconnect and then re-connect to get it to work the first time).

Note, however, that the Initial Connection Speed is the speed that your modem and your ISP's modem
have agreed that they *can* theoretically connect at.

The actual connection speed is likely to be less than that. It does however give you some idea of how consistent your connection is.

A highly respected test page is available below:

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