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Diagnose Potential Hard Drive Faults

by Karl Davis

Ontrack Data Advisor(tm) is a simple, yet powerful diagnostic tool for assessing the condition of your computer system. Data Advisor quickly assesses the health of your hard disk drive, file structures, and computer memory by identifying problems that could cause data loss.

Don't worry if you can't boot your system to Windows; Ontrack Data Advisor is self-booting, so it runs even when your system won't. This comprehensive diagnostic tool can be used to both diagnose current problems and as part of a regular maintenance program to identify potential problems that could lead to data loss.

If potential problems are identified, you will have time to backup your valuable information and make corrections to avoid future loss.

It will identify any physical error/s on a hard drive. If it reports an error you have a physically damaged h/d.

If the tests proved a physical error exists on your machine, it would be pointless you formatting it etc and rebuilding the o/s only to find that the problem resurfaces because the integrity of the hard drive is in doubt.

So replace the faulty drive and backup your data from the old drive to a new drive as soon as possible to avoid potential permanent loss of all data. Download it now from my downloads section of my site and try it.

File Structure Errors

It also does a file structure test which scans the entire harddrive for potential o/s corruption and displays report. This does not mean your hard drive is damaged physically. If it passed the first test, without even a minor error reported,you should be able to proceed to the steps below.

Lots of things can cause this to happen to a hard drive, but more often than not it is corrupted software either installed with the operating system or afterwards by the end user.

If it reports an error here:

Option 1.Do a re-install of the o/s without format

Option 2. Format hard drive and re-install o/s, depending on how the system behaves after option 1.

For help with both of these options go to this site for additional help: Richards PC-Help Pages

It has a memory checker too. It should detect faulty memory.

I use this program all the time and I personally have diagnosed a *few* computers and found out which is corrupt/damaged ie
an o/s or the h/d which can save hours of wasted time.

BTW I run it on my systems once a week just to make sure that the systems ie all hard drives are a reliable source of data storage and can safely run an o/s such as Windows 98.


Copyright © 2001-2006 © Copyright Karl Davis.

No part of this site may be reproduced in any format.All documents author acknowledged are copyright retained by the author.

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