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Useful Tips for CD Recording

by Kenny Cargill


Some tips for CD recording, not in any particular order.

1. If MS Office is installed disable FindFast.

2. Switch off any screensavers.

3. Recording best done after fresh boot of PC.

4. Close as many running programs as possible, use CTRL+ALT+DEL to see what's running, highlight and close unnecessary ones, especially virus scanners.

Only Systray and Explorer are absolutely necessary, don't close them. (Debate still open on whether Systray can be closed, MS & Iomega say it can't but I have
closed it without any ill effects.)

5. Use Scandisk & Defragment on HDD even more often than you would normally.

This is because fragmented files take longer to access and can cause buffer to run empty, (buffer underrun), leading to ruined discs (coasters).

6. If doing direct "on the fly" CD to CDR copying, CDROM and CDRW drives should be installed on separate IDE channels.

7. Avoid "on the fly" recording, preferable to write to image first. Takes longer but more reliable.

8. If disc appears to write OK but then can't be read back check the DMA status of the CDRW, (and CDROM if both installed), using Device Manager.If
ON try switching OFF and vice versa. I know this one from personal experience after making a load of coasters.

9. Use CD lens cleaner disc on a regular basis.

10. CD writing software often includes a packet writing application (Nero includes InCD and Adaptec includes Direct CD).

In theory these allow you to treat a CDR as a giant floppy. I and many others find these troublesome and
don't even install or use them.

11. Don't pay extra for discs which say they are especially for audio, the discs are exactly the same except they have some info already on them and a
royalty from each one goes to Microsoft and/or the PRS. The only time these will have to be used is with a stand alone audio CD recorder.

12. With multi speed recorders don't automatically use the highest speed, try different speeds to see what your system is capable of handling. If finding problems try lowering recording speed.

13. Be careful of installing more than one CD writing application, they can sometimes conflict with each other.

14. If buying a new CDRW it's worth paying a few pounds extra for one with Burnproof technology. Not sure of the technical details but in effect it can "pause" the recording if CPU very busy or data flow interrupted.

This virtually eliminates buffer underruns which are the main cause of failed

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