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FAQ: How Do I Activate & Use Tiscali Webspace

by Karl Davis


I found recently that my Lineone webspace was becoming so slow and impossible for my visitors to enjoy visiting anymore. The solution for me was to use new Tiscali Webspace and transfer my website to Tiscali Webspace. It is faster as it is held on a different server, and the 50 Mb Space is in one location, which is an improvement on the sub-account type of old lineone sites.

I now re-direct from my lineone website by making a new index.html page with code that re-directs to my tiscali webspace using this code - Thanks G`Dad! Just change the url to your new tiscali site address.


To see it work go to and you will see it re-direct to my new webspace.

If you do not have a Tiscali Account and valid Tiscali email address, you will first have to go and sign up for an account. Then you will be able to activate your Tiscali Webspace.

Or if you are customer and already dialed in with one of the following:
WORLDONLINE, TINYONLINE, SCREAMINGNET, LINEONE, TISCALI. See the FAQ on my Website entitled "FAQ:Access User Webspace at Tiscali" for instructions on how to activate and use your tiscali webspace with the various dial-ups through Ftp etc.

If not go to Tiscali homepage and sign up for Tiscali Classic or other account (you decide which one) here (link is on right-hand side of the page)

After completing this you should have an isp dial-up for your computer and access to a free 50 mb website, plus a new Tiscali email address. The email address can take up to 24 hours to be activated. Tip: It will activate almost immediately if you send an email to it.
If you did not allow the sign-up process to save a dun connection then create a new dial-up dun with these details:

Tiscali Classic

Dial-up username:
Dial-up password: your password
Dial-up telephone number: 0845 661 4681
IP address: Automatically assigned
Primary DNS (if required):
Secondary DNS (if required):

You have to initially activate the webspace whilst dialing in with tiscali dial-up.After that lot of people including me have found it possible to use an ftp program with another dial-up to upload files to the webspace after activating the webspace here:

Your web address will be something like this:

You should now have 50Mb of webspace and if you have any difficulties login here for help:

Ftp details:

Hostname :
Username :
Password :****

Sign up here for some free (banner-free webspace) too:

(banner-free webspace):

Copyright © 2001-2006 © Copyright Karl Davis.

No part of this site may be reproduced in any format.All documents author acknowledged are copyright retained by the author.

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