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Karl's Forums 1st Birthday
9th June 2003

Karl Davis

Karl's Forums celebrated it`s first full year today and celebrated with the members in the usual tradition of much fun and silliness, quizzes too and a Dr. Fuss Bogle presententation.

Karling Awards 2003 An award ceromony took place in several forums, from a voting procedure organised by OBL earlier in the week and produced the following category winners:

Comical - Charles, Dragonweed and Lee33
Techie - RSU
Graphics Guru - OBL
Camera King
- Stephen
Biggest Flirt - Cybershaman
Best Thread
- Cupid`s here for Casper and Donna
Seriously Serious - Janet
The Most Valuable Poster
Dr Fuss Bogles Hall of Fame
FDisc Expert
Golden Groaner
The Distinguished Order Of Ridiculous Karling
FDisc Expert
FDisking above and beyond the call of duty
Golden Groaner
This is for the member who's jokes have set them apart from normal human beings
2003 Baron
2003 Paul Davey
 Coleman Feet
Patrick Moore
 Blue Screen
Coleman Feet
This is for the member who, when putting their best foot forward, usually put it in their mouth
Patrick Moore
For the worst avatar
Blue Screen
for the member who has amused us the most whilst trashing their PC
2003 Charles
2003 Jasongnome
2003 Casper The Ghost

Dr. Fuss Bogle presents

One of the members OBL went to a lot of effort to make a Dr. Fuss Bogle presentation again as he did for Christmas 2002/3. It was tremendous and very well received by the members. The show started a little after 9pm, it is a slideshow with sound and graphics and can be seen HERE

Traditionally we always have a laugh at ourselves and this time we changed some of the team's usual avatars and one or two of the members below.

Silver Dragon

The Staff and I wished to award one of the members who I felt had contributed enormously over the year and presented him with a Karl's Forums sub domain and webspace.
The recipient OBL has always used his own webspace to provide a very large collection of avatars and smilies that are used by many people. Along with Silver Dragon he has helped and provided a lot of help to members in need of assistance with all manner of graphics.
I hope they can now use this domain and webspace to benefit themselves and others too, as they always have. You can visit the website HERE

Thankyou to everyone for their help in making Karl's Forums the very best forums.

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