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How to Setup Outlook Express to Download Newsgroups from News.CIS.DFN.DE

If you have not already signed up to the server visit

Click the english section to register and you will be told to send an email with:

Your full name (first and last name)
Your e-mail address to :

An email will be sent to you confirming your account name and password.

After you have received your confirmation email, have your name and password ready-then follow steps below.

You can now setup Outlook Express or your preferred newsreader to download newsgroups whilst connected with any dial-up.

Open Outlook Express and go to Tools then Accounts

Click Add then high-light News

Type your Display name in as you wish it to appear when you post. This can be your real name or anything at all and click Next


Enter your reply Email address. The e-mail addresses in From:, Reply-To:, and Sender: fields must belong to you and they have to be valid. Using identifiers of other individuals without their permission or e-mail addresses that will bounce is not permitted. (For more details see paragraph 5.3 of the FAQ) See Here

There is also other advise that says "we recommend to get an account with a free e-mail provider (such as GMX, Yahoo, Hotmail, Bigfoot...) and to not read mails that go to that address at all, only sporadically or in combination with suitable filter mechanisms.
This has the same effect, but does not violate the netiquette, our policy or other guidelines. Alternatively you can use the free service at; you will get an e-mail address, and mails to this address will be bounced to the sender with a configurable message."
now click Next


Here you should enter (not the one in the picture below) and tick the box. Then click Next


Now enter your Account name and Password that you received by email. Ensure Remember Password is ticked and click Next


Now Click Finish


The box below should pop up and you should click Yes to begin downloading the newsgroups from the server


This box will now appear and you may have to wait a little while for all of the newsgroups to download.


Now go to the Tools Menu and Select Newsgroups and the box below appears

Put in keywords like "uk" and others like "net" (in the "Display newsgroups which contain" box above) and all
groups with those words will appear. It narrows down the process very quickly.

You can now scroll down the list of newsgroups and select any of interest to you and select the newsgroup (like the example above and click Subscribe. Select as many as you wish and once finished click OK.


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